Apothecary Circle

AC Beltane Giveaway JPG

Since December Solstice, I have been part of awesome group of healthy, healing women. This circle has changed my life in a positive and most powerful way. I find myself energized and cultivating a change, both physical and emotional. The women here are supportive, sympathetic and informed. The knowledge shared is enormous and I cannot find words to express enough gratitude. Now, there is an opportunity to share, and I want **YOU**  to be a part of this wonder too.  An amazing gift has been offered for a free seat in the Apothecary Circle, a year long course proctored by Laura Emily that will change the way you look at healing. Healing yourself, your family, your pets… your mind, body and soul… I am over the moon with excitement about this offering and hope you will join us and learn the ways earth and natures beauty can heal you.